Sunday, 26 February 2017



Dinah Dell
Neil Dell
Diana Dell


We start off with Diana aging

into an Adult and this mean this is the new torch holder (and we can change her clothes)

we also meet Larry Owens

and Diana has her first kiss

and then it is time for Dinah to

become and elder and is no longer controlled by me.


had a date with Larry at Walmart

Neil became an elder (is only command)

Larry moved in with only £1

but him and Dinah christened the couch


Dinah reached the toc

Dinah went to Dell's computers but has it is already at Rank 10 their wasn't much she can do

except wash the windows while she waits for the cab.


Diana chats to her mum Dinah

plays logic with her dad Neil

Larry and Dinah do not get on

and we have a pregnancy.


meal times is when they do not pick on each other

Dinah and Neil still in love

second pop


Larry isn't that good in look after himself

Dinah tells her friends her daughter looks like a soccer ball

that because its time to have the baby

and we have a baby boy called Lawson


our first wetting (i think) just by the toilet 

Dinah and Larry fight while poor old Lawson is left on the floor

they both pick on each other a lot.


Torcholder: 1
Wetting themselves: 1?

Taxes: Household: 8.000
business: 7,000
total 15,000 x 2 = 30,000

Rotation: Week 7
Households: 5 of 23
Playable Sims: 73
# Of Total Residents 73
Gravestones: 10

Culinary unlocked
Gamer Unlocked
Military Unlocked
Music Unlocked
Business Unlocked
Athletic Unlocked
Politics Unlocked
Law Enforcement 1/4
Science 1/3 
Slacker 3/3
Criminal 2/10
Architecture 2/3
Adventure 0/1
Education 1/4
Journalism 1/1
Dance 0/1
Medical 1/1

Community Lots: 20
Npc Lots: 5
Household lot:18
total lots = 43

Business Districts: 3
Universities: 0
Downtown: No

SM: 20 x 73

Population: 1460

CAS Available: 16/39

University Funds: £1000,000
University fund 2; 35,000
 of Fires:  8
 of Burglaries: 3
 of Electrocutions: 4
 of Graves: 10


Black Widow's Bistro
Black Widow's Grocer Store
Black Widow's Music Store
Black Widow's Poker Club
Black Widow Music club
Black widow's Shoppe
Black Widow's Bedside tables
Black Widow's Beds
Black Widow's Gym equipment
Dell's computer
Knight's Lights
Boolprop clubhouse
Grant's Graveyard
Harper's pet store
Greta's toilet Business
Terence's toys
Krystal's Dance equipment
Krystal's Kreative shop
Linda's items
Carr's Celebrations

Military Base
Sports and Recreation Centre
Romance Row

University will be opened in round 8

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