Sunday, 4 February 2018



Erica Evans (elder)
Edward Evans (elder)
Eric Evans (adult)
Brittany Parker (adult)


time for a quick engagement

and a wedding. welcome to the household Brittany: knowledge/popularity and max 7 skills

time nightfall came their was a baby on the way

and two birthday

to follow.


time for skilling

and enjoying a meal together

a time for a another burglar

he did get caught this time.


time for another baby

and we have a baby boy called Egan

i think Erica happy about that

and a family meal together.


not a lot

going on today.


guess who is going to grow later

some adult time

here is the birthday boy

time to get into everything Egan.


Nanny watches over Egan

Daddy teaches Egan some stuff

and so does grandpa.


Cuddle time for Egan

Brittany and Erica do not get along

Erica and Edward are still madly in love

and we end this with a potty shot.


Your heir(ess) has a choice between the Showbiz, Sports, Dance or Entertainer careers. They may also go and work in bars as a bartender for extra income if you so wish. Eric is the Heir has chosen Athletics for his career.

-The spouse may work in the field the heir(ess) did not choose, or any of the previously unlocked professions. (i think Brittany chose Culinary)

-Once the heir(ess) has reached the top of the ShowBiz career or the Sports career, televisions, cell phones, and arcade games are able to be purchased and used, as are workout machines.

-You can also now buy community lots as businesses.

Gen 4 Mini Challenge: Throw a party inviting the maximum amount your computer can handle and make sure it raises the roof! +3 bonus points! (You also HAVE to have the champagne bottle out. Sorry, but dealing with those full-bladdered sims will make those 3 bonus points all the more juicy. (still need to do).

B.A.C.C taxes:
household 11,000

Rotation: Week 14
Households: 5 out of 15
Careers all unlocked

SM 74 X 181
Population = 13,394

University Funds 1: £1,000,000 (collected)
University funds 2: £1,000,000 (collected)
University 3: £1,00.000 (collected)
University 4: 764,000


A.Appliance's rank 5
Boot's Bed's Rank 5
Carrison Cakes Rank 5
Darren's Dining Chairs  Rank 5
Fred's Frame Rank 4
1 point added for 5 community business

Arlene's Audio Rank 4
Boot's Baths Rank 4
Davina's Desk rank 3
Fred's Fabulous CC rank 1
Gibson Grocery Store Rank 5
1 point added for 10 community lots.

Carly's Clothing Rank 2
Café Hill Rank 1

Gender count
Males: 37
Females: 21

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